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Welcome To Striking Mechanics


My name is Craig and i'm the head instructor and founder of KMS Self defence and have been teaching and training in krav maga for a decade with a back ground in boxing and various other systems 

This course is designed for all those wanting to learn or improve their striking knowledge from beginners to more advanced students or even instructors.

It will help you understand the body mechanics and dynamics of striking from foot work to producing power .

And includes over 2 hours of visual demos and explains what you need to know to learn or improve your a technical manual you can download.

Enjoy your training


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

  • 2

    Basic Striking Manual

    • Basic Striking Manual

  • 3

    Basic Stance

    • Basic Stance

  • 4

    Foot work

    • Basic movement

    • Movement with cones

  • 5

    Basic striking

    • Palm strikes

    • Punches

    • Groin kick

    • Stomp kick

    • Basic clinch

    • Punching in advance

    • Punching in retreat

    • Straight body shot

    • Hammer Fists

    • Knees

  • 6

    Intermediate striking

    • Hook punch

    • Front Elbows

    • Side Elbows

    • Rear Elbows

    • Upper cut elbow front

    • Rear uppercut elbow

    • Rear short elbows to lower body

    • Drop elbows

    • Uppercut punches

    • Side stomp kick

    • Rear stomp kicks

    • Round kicks

    • Ear slaps

    • Head Butts

  • 7

    Bonus material

    • How to put on Boxing wraps

    • How to use focus mitts - the basics

    • Basic focus mitt drills